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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Sheng Zhen?

I am not really a "movement" person, can I do this?

Done in standing, sitting or lying positions, these moving and non-moving meditation
forms are for everyone, the old and young, the weak and strong. In fact, there are benefits from simply viewing any one of the videos.

How much time do I need to spend to gain the benefits? What about my other practices?

Even 10-15 minutes, done everyday will reward you. Of course, the longer you do it, the more gifts. What is important is to practice with regularity. This qigong, carrying messages of Love, can be practiced with any other form of qigong or other disciplines.

I don’t live anywhere near the listed instructors. Are there any teaching aids available and, if so, can one learn just by using these?

Call (02)9614-7422 to order books, DVDs and CDs. Although it is possible to learn just by using these, like most movement practices, it would be best to learn from an instructor either by joining a workshop and/or taking private sessions. There are many who have come from far away who now enjoy the gifts of the practice.

Do you conduct teacher trainings?

Local teacher training is offered two times a year and certification requires attending
the International Sheng Zhen Society Teacher Trainings held in different parts of the world.

Where are regular and private sessions held?

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